Table tennis

In a fight held in a small table of 2.74m by 1.525m, a ball whose diameter is just 40mm and weight is only 2.7g decides a contest.
Cenesthesic speed of a ball which is hit in a court is close to 160km per hour, and the time to hit back a ball is just about 0.1 second. So we are not even allowed to blink. 
In such a ball game which is served 0.1 second by second, they use all the physical senses, analyze an opponent’s thought, stir his emotion, and calmly carry out their strategy to win.
It is said that cenesthesic speed is the fastest and toughest mind game is held in table tennis.
You cannot miss a fight where players train their body, mind and heart to the extreme and they rely on their obsession and pride for victory. 


Keep trying to make rubber which helps table tennis players to hit a ball that “jumps and turns well”

In charge of developing table tennis equipment
Naoya Higuchi


Keep creating shoes which empower athletes at critical moments

In charge of racket sports shoes
Toshiki Nakatani


Interview between an athlete and a person in change of support

Ai Fukuhara×Shigeyuki Tamayama



Mizuno’s history of supporting Japanese table tennis national team players goes back to 1988.
Cutting edge functions and design at that time were incorporated into wear which national team players put on at past world competitions.
That transition is a glorious history of Japanese table tennis national team players as well as a history of the evolution of Mizuno which kept supporting their victories in the background.